Benefits of Firewall Orchestrator

Smart firewall management based on a German-engineered open source solution
Transparent overview of all firewall rules across all systems
Documentation and display of all changes
Central view of a decentral infrastructure
Creation of reports on current and historical rule-sets
Options for filtering by systems and other criteria
Avoidance of unnecessary rules
Numerous automation capabilities with Firewall Orchestrator API interface

The Firewall Orchestrator is an open source solution by Cactus eSecurity GmbH that helps you to professionalise your Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) without having to invest in cost-intensive systems. The source code and installation instructions are provided at no cost and all basic functions are charge-free and license-free. You can make your own local modifications or contribute to the central product so that the entire community profits from user enhancements.

If you need customising support, maintenance and deployment services or troubleshooting assistance for the Firewall Orchestrator the experts at Cactus eSecurity GmbH are always there to help with their portfolio of services. 

Contact our developers to

develop new functions

integrate the Firewall Orchestrator in your existing system environment

install upgrades

troubleshoot problems via remote maintenance

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