Application Areas of Firewall Orchestrator

Areas of application for the Firewall Orchestrator

Re-certification of rulesets for compliance with regulatory requirements

Request firewall changes using the integrated workflow module

Creation of compliance reports

Webfrontend that provides visibility to your security configuration to various teams or customers

Integration with your existing workflow systems

The Firewall Orchestrator can be used free-of-charge without the need to purchase a license. You will not be dependent on any one manufacturer and its system requirements. Thanks to the nature of open source software you retain full control over your product at all times and can adapt it to your needs whenever you like. To reduce your IT team’s workload you can conclude a service contract with Cactus eSecurity GmbH. Our experts can provide you with comprehensive support services, including customising and trouble shooting.
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Firewall Orchestrator reduces your time and resource expenditure in the creation of Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) reports because all changes are documented and retrievable at the click of a button. As an example, you may create a compliance report, listing all rules with “any” service or network objects. With Firewall Orchestrator’s browser independent web UI you can provide visibility to various customers or teams without the need to hand out product specific client software. You may use your LDAP based directory service (e.g Microsoft Active Directory) to authenticate users.
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The built-in API enables the simple integration of Firewall Orchestrator in existing workflow systems such as ARS or ServiceNow, offering you genuine flexibility. Another positive aspect of the open source concept is that new functions are continuously being added for the entire community to use.
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